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Effort Points and Gear Points better known as EPGP

EPGP is a loot system that rewards "GEAR" to guild mates for "EFFORT" put forth to help the guild progress in its raiding agenda.  It is an attempt to distribute gear fairly to the entire guild, this includes new as well as older members.  The basics of the system are that you receive effort points based on helping the guild.  Some items that reward effort points are, showing up on time and downing bosses.  Effort points carry forward from week to week, the more you raid, the higher your EP becomes.  The second half of the equation is GP or gear points.  Gear points are assigned to the player from drops received.  EPGP assigns gear points based on an assigned value from the addon.  Both EP and GP are recorded in the Officer Notes on your character screen.  The first number is the EP value, the second number is the GP value.  These values are recorded on your main toon, all alt toons have their main listed, this allows the values to be assigned to the main.  This in effect gives you your EP and GP values, and how they are maintained.  Weekly, the EPGP values are "decayed" by 20%, typically happening Tuesday to coincide with raid resets.  This allows new members to be on the same page with older members and not allow for banking of EP.

Once the EP and GP values are assigned, they are then used in a calculation to determine priority rating, or PR.  The priority rating is what determines who gets the loot.  The higher you are on PR the better your chances are of getting loot.  The calculation is EP/GP=PR.  So, Effort Points divided by Gear Points equals Priority Rating.  One caveat to the PR, is when running with pugs, at this point we will roll on a piece of loot.  If you win the roll, in actuality you are winning the roll for the guild against the pug.  Remember, just because you individually won, the loot is still the property of the guild.  A small difference from an open roll loot system.  After the guild has won, then the loot is distributed via EPGP.  If no pugs are necessary, rolls will not be used, and individual guild members will use the EPGPLootmaster addon to inform the lootmaster that they want the piece of loot.  The person with the highest PR will receive the loot.

The EPGP addon we are currently using is "epgp dkp reloaded" and can be found on curse gaming.  Click "HERE" to download the addon.  The only person that needs to run epgp dkp reloaded is the raid leader.  Another EPGP addon is EPGPLootmaster, this is required of all raiders and makes a pop up appear on your screen that links loot that the LM is distributing, I'd highly recommend downloading this also.  Click "HERE" to download the addon.  If either of the links are broken inform Kallus.  Along with the addon, Premier also uses a channel to link EPGP during a raid, any minister can help you add the channel in game to work with your EPGP addon.

A final note on EPGP.  The idea is not to "screw" a person over.  It's to distribute loot fairly.  This means each individual can receive a piece of loot, from the new person that just joined, to the long term members.  Additional information is posted in the following link(s).  If this still does not clear up your concerns with EPGP, please ask questions in g-chat and we'll try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Wowwiki          EPGPWeb

Your EPGP can be viewed "HERE."

EPGP is used on what Premier feels are progression raids, or when gear is considered an upgrade to the majority of the guild.  First time boss kills are awarded double the normal EP for that raid.


EP values currently are:

All raids 500 EP per boss, with double EP for new boss downging of 1000 EP.

 15EP awarded for every 15 minutes in raid


Additional EP rewards:          

EP awarded to every member in the raid at the correct raid start time, and is based on the above values per raid.  If the raid is started late, this may or may not be given.


Materials for EP:

It has been determined to give EP for materials the guild needs to continue its raid progression.  The list of materials are in the lower right of all pages of this website.  The materials are to be mailed to  Bronorla and he will assign you the EP based on the materials sent to him.  Any questions, speak with an officer or GM. There is a weekly limit of 1000ep awarded.


EPGP and loot rules




Used for 25 man progression raids only. First time boss
kills are awarded double the normal EP for raid.  If we can’t form 25 man progression, we get
everyone that was on time for raid together in raid group. Build our 10 man
from that and then Award 1500 EP to the whole raid and turn off EP for the night.


 Standby’s need to
remain in vent for the duration of raid so they can quickly step in if needed.
After raid is done 500 earned points will be awarded.


If bids are between a raider and a member, even if the
member has more priority, item should go to the raider. Attendance and
performance are the keys to being promoted to raider status.


If an item is a substantial upgrade for healer or a tank,
they should whisper the loot master to make sure they are aware and priority
rating can be over ruled. This will be discussed in officer chat. Loot master
will announce loot rules at start of raid when pugs are present.


BOE drops rolled on main spec and must be equipped. If no
main spec bids and we have pugs in raid hold till end and open rolls for anyone
who got nothing. No pugs the item will go to guild bank. After a week or so. no
one has shown interest in it then it will be sent to the AH to support the raid


Patterns are not part of EPGP and are held for GUILD. GM and
Officers will distribute the patterns after they have voted where they are to


When we have pugs in raid roll for loot, if pug wins it goes
to pug. If guild wins we go by epgp system. It is always main spec>off spec.
Things like minor uprgade over major upgrade can be decided by officers in
officer chat.


Loot masters approved so far are Mystryka and Maudd


After a major patch and new raid content comes out epgp will
be reset




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